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Enviro-BlockTM Press Release

Retaining Wall

Inter-Block Retaining Systems is pleased to present the advantages of utilizing the ENVIRO-BLOCK TM retaining wall system. Think of an ENVIRO-BLOCK TM as a giant Lego piece, only these adult size pieces weigh 4000 lbs (2 tons) each! The 5' X 2.5' X 2.5' precast concrete blocks are a concept using a built-in precast locking system that eliminates the need for mortaring or mechanical ties.

This age old gravity type system has been furnished to and installed by such entities as : CalTrans, BNSF & Union Pacific Railroads, Metrolink, Counties of Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange & Ventura Public Works Departments, US Navy & USMC, to name a few.

With such applications as: Seawalls,Retaining walls, Flood Control Structures, Mud Slide diversion barriers, Containment Bins, Energy Dissipaters etc. All of these structures can be installed very quickly for either permanent or temporary uses.

Some of the unique features of this system is that all of the blocks are manufactured from post consumer or surplus ready mixed concrete. This allows for a very low cost product and has diverted material that would have otherwise entered into the waste stream. Additionally, because of its size and the inherent mass of each interlocking ENVIRO-BLOCK TM unit, it can be installed at a very rapid rate ( 150-200 sq.ft.per hour).

Heights of 15' to 20' can be achieved without the use of incorporating tie backs or soil geo-grid reinforcements. Thus allowing for a minimal amount of back cut excavation.

ENVIRO-BLOCK TM work well as an alternate to rip rap type revetments. The blocks can be laid back at a 1:1 or 2:1 slope or channel and act as a giant paver.

inter-Block Retaining Systems Inc. can arrange for engineering and installation. iBRS Inc. encourages all Public Works Departments to reap the rewards of this straight forward, no frills system, by installing the system for themselves. Installing an ENVIRO-BLOCK TM system requires a very small crew with little or no previous experience or learning curve. An average installation rate of 10 to 20 block per hour is typical.

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  • Block rentals now available for securing event tent structures such as, counterweights, ballasts, anchor weights and deadmen.
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