Enviro-Block™ Specifications


Full Enviro-Block™ Specifications

Size 29.5"x 29.5"x 59", approx. 2.5'x 2.5'x 5'
Weight 3900 lbs.
Clearance around key 1/2" The chamfered corners provide approximately 8 square inches of drainage area per block.
Lifting provision A standard 7 strand steel loop at top center of each block.
Minimum radius of curvature 75' for walls one block thick
Surface finish Standard Grade: 1 full face without large blemishes
  Utility: All faces may contain large surface blemishes such as honeycomb, chips, etc.
Rock Faced: inset granite with rustic trowel joints.
Concrete strength Blocks are manufactured with return concrete and strength levels will vary. Extra charges will be quoted for guaranteed concrete strength, if required.
Average placing time 10 blocks per hour (bottom row), 20 blocks per hour (other rows)